Artemis Cloth Diapers- Ruffle Cover- Watercolor


Simplicity: Artemis has thought of everything with this Cover diaper - What's not to love!

  • PUL Leg gussets for a snug fit and leak protection.
  • 4x3 adjustable rise snaps to get an adjustable fit.
  • 3x2 snap on ruffle attachment
  • 4 rows of adorable PUL ruffles Outer PUL layer making it waterproof
  • Designed to fit babies 8 - 30+ lbs.
  • Washer and dryer safe

Wipe-clean interior for multiple uses. 

Diaper Cover can be used with any skin-friendly absorbency of your choice. Inserts, flats, pre-folds, fitted diapers, flour sack towels, receiving blankets, you name it!