Cherry Tree Apothecary Wipe Bits

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So what are wipes bits anyways? Well they're essentially little pieces of soap and oil that can be dissolved into water and then added to a cloth wipes container, or put into a spray bottle to be applied as needed. Wipes Bits solution is most commonly used for wiping baby's bottom but can also be used to clean messy hands and faces. Our natural Wipes Bits only contain 2 ingredients, and are color and fragrance free to be as gentle on baby skin as possible. We also offer seasonal fragrances that come and go throughout the year! All of our bits are left without color additive, any color variation is naturally occurring. 

This listing is for one small resealable baggie of our Wipes Bits. Each baggie weighs 1 oz and contains approximately 20 bits. Using Wipes Bits instead of pre-made bottled solution is an excellent way to reduce your plastic waste!

Our bits are small but mighty! We recommend dissolving 1 bit into 8-16 oz of warm, distilled or boiled water, in a heat safe container. Allow water to cool before transferring to desired storage container. Leftover solution should be discarded after 1 week as we don't use any preservatives in our Wipes Bits. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, *Fragrance

*Fragrance is only present in scented Wipes Bits. Please keep out of reach of children and away from pets. Do not ingest, keep away from eyes and mouth. While our solution does not contain any harsh chemicals it does not taste good and could cause upset tummy and vomiting.