Your NEW Starter Pack!

Your NEW Starter Pack!

Your NEW Starter Pack!


So, you ordered the new BumBum Babies Starter Pack and now you want to know everything in there, right?

Good! We're here to help you! 

When you first open your box, you should have 2 diapers, 4 various inserts, 5 wipes, a pack of wipe bits and a wet bag. Set everything aside but your 2 diapers. 


You should have one diaper with a white inside. That's Cotton Bamboo inner liner. Its soft to the touch and great for sensitive skin! The outer fabric is TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which is what keeps the wetness and moisture from getting out of the diaper. 

There is another diaper with a dark gray inside. That's Charcoal Bamboo. It's bamboo fabric that is burned and processed to be mixed with cotton or polyester fibres. It's great for quick absorbency and more of a stay-dry feel. Great for heavy or quick wetters. 

  • Both diapers have a "Backup" Gusset (the inner stitching that creates a 'U' shape). It helps hold in and manage those messy bowel movements from your baby.
  • There should also be a strip of TPU on the inside front section of the diaper. That is beneficial for belly sleepers to avoid leaks while they wiggle around.
  • Both diapers contain a front and back opening. You can easily stuff the diapers into the front or the back, and have an options snap inside to avoid movement from the inserts. That inside snap is completely optional.  


The wipes are made of Bamboo Terry. They are larger than normal for a better clean up. There are various ways you can store and use the wipes, but the most common is keeping a spray or peri bottle on hand and wetting the wipes right before use. You can also keep them in a container or back with wipe solution already added. Just use and store in a wet bag or dirty diaper until wash day! 

Wipe Bits


Wipe bits are just one of the many options you have for wipe solution. One wipe bit can be mixed with 8oz of warm water (to dissolve) in a spray or peri bottle. Then, use when necessary directly on wipe or the baby's bottom. The wipe bits in your pack are dried coconut oil, but you can find some with essential oils added or different recipes. Another use for the coconut oil solution is it can be sprayed on rashes as a natural rash cream too! 


Travel Wet Bag

The travel wet bag has many uses, but is designed to hold the dirty and clean diapers while out and about. You can also use them to store a small amount of dirty diapers while at home. Just dump the diapers out, throw the wet bag in and wash it all together!

The other benefits of a travel wet bag is:

  • spare clothes
  • toiletries while traveling
  • kids toys
  • art supplies
  • wet swimwear 

Preparing for use




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